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Youngsan Foundation of Legal Culture



1.       Establishment
Youngsan Foundation of Legal Culture was established on March 11, 2002 by the  contribution of late Yong Sook Park, former Chairman of Sungshim School Foundation (KRW 3 billion).

2.       Main Businesses
Presentation of Youngsan Foundation of Legal Culture Award each year and research, study, discussion, presentation, publishing, etc. regarding domestic and foreign jurisprudence.

3.       Board of Directors
Chairman of the Board of Directors
Sam-Sung Yang
              (Former) Chief Secretary to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Korea, Vice President of Korean Bar Association
(Current) Attorney of Yoon & Yang, Chair-professor of Youngsan University                   School of Law


Don-hee Lee
(Former) Minister of Education, Principal of Korean Minjeok Leadership
(Current) Chairman of the Board of Directors of Sookmyung School                                   Foundation, Professor Emeritus of Seoul National University

Bae-Yong Lee
(Former) President of Ehwa Womans University, Chairman of the Presidential
                            Council of National Branding
              (Current) President of the Academy of Korean Studies

Dae Hyeon Cho  
(Former) Justice of the Constitutional Court of Korea
(Current) Attorney of Yoon & Yang

Il Hoan Park  
(Former) Justice of the Supreme Court of Korea, Director of Court
(Current) Attorney of Barun Law

Standing Director
Nam-Geun Kim
(Former) Judge of Seoul District Court, Secretary General of Youngsan Legal
               Culture Foundation
(Current) Attorney of Yoon & Yang

Young-Hwan Chung
             (Current) Professor of Korea University School of Law      

Contributor, late Yong Sook Park – formwe Chairman of Sungshim School Foundation

4.       Panel of the 10th Year Youngsan Legal Culture Award
Chairman, Nung Hwan Kim – (Current) Attorney of Yulchon
Member, Joong Ho Sunwoo – (Former) President of Gwangju Institute of Science and      Technology
Member, Jung Il Cha – (Former) Special Prosecutor
Member, Myong-Sue Chang – (Current) Chairman of the Board of Ehwa Haktang
Member, Moon Hyuk Ho – (Former) Professor of Seoul National University Law School
Member, Nam-Geun Kim – (Current) Attorney of Yoon & Yang

Background behind the Establishment of Youngsan Legal Culture Award

Youngsan Legal Culture Foundation was founded in March 2004 through the efforts of late Yong Sook Park, the former Chairperson of Yonsan University, to discover and recognize legal professionals who made significant contributions to the further achievement of rule of law in Korea, and to contribute to the development of legal jurisprudence and culture by supporting various scholastic activities. 

Yongsan Legal Culture Foundation has been leading the effort to help Korea become a society that is governed by prudent and balanced legal system, and not just by mechanical implementation of law.  Such efforts have involved giving out legal culture awards, carrying out research and making presentations on both domestic and foreign legal jurisprudence, and publishing various kinds of legal literature.

In line with its efforts and mission, Youngsan Legal Culture Foundation has established Youngsan Legal Culture Award to further support settlement of rule of law in Korea by recognizing those legal professionals who have made significant contribution in the achievement of the rule of law in Korea and in the development of Korea as a whole.

1.    Selection of Award Candidate.

Award Nomination Committee will select the candidate who will receive the award among individuals, corporations and other organizations that have contributed to the settlement of rule of law in Korea and to the development of legal culture.

2.    Selection Process.

Award Nomination Committee, comprised of members from the legal profession, media and academia, prepares detailed selection standard and select a candidate.  Once the candidate has been selected, the candidate will be placed before the Board of Directors for approval.


Recipients of Youngsan Legal Culture Award

1st year Award (2005)
■ Recipient: Moo-Jeh Cho
Important Background:
(Former) Justice of the Supreme Court of Korea
        (Current) Chair-professor of Dong-A University College of Law

2nd year award (2006)
■ Recipient: Korea Legal Aid Center for Family Relations

3rd year award (2007)
■ Recipient: Byong Ho Park
Important Background:
(Current) Professor emeritus of Seoul National University

4th year award (2008)
■ Recipient: Hoo-Jeong Yoon
Important Background:
(Former) Chairman of Ehwa Haktang 


5th year award (2009)
■ Recipient: Sang-Hyun Song
Important Background:
(Current) President of the International Chamber of Commerce

6th year award (2010)
■ Recipient: Civil Procedure Practices Research Center

7th year award (2011)
■ Recipient: O-Gon Kwon
Important Background:
(Current) Vice President of International Criminal Tribunal for the former

8th (2012)
■ Recipient: The Korean Association of Civil Law

9th (2013)
■ Recipient: Sung Woo Hong
Important Background:
(Current) Attorney